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Cognitive Therapy

At ProNeuro Health we understand that there is not one single solution to complex concerns. Our cognitive therapy sessions tailored based on brain specific testing, identification of 27 strengths and deficiencies, and achievement gaps. After years of research we utilize only the best brain altering and learning components for the swiftest, long lasting results. We have combined assessments and tools to ensure all areas of the brain are ignited as well as the weaknesses are truly improved by the brain's innate strengths. We will make the brain more efficient. And an efficient brain overcomes ADHD, auditory processing, visual processing, memory, and cognitive development issues to be successful in school, work, and relationships.

Our Testing Begins with SOI

Neuron receptors in the brainSOI stands for Structure of Intellect, which is a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence.  It is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual abilities.  The SOI® is based on the work of J. P. Guilford whose search for intellectual abilities began in 1940 and lasted until 1959.

Structure of Intellects System® (SOI) is the basis of cognitive, academic, and educational assessment.  Based on J. P. Guilford's theory of multiple intelligences and thorough development by Dr. Mary Meeker the SOI assesses a range of intelligence abilities which are needed to overcome debilitating conditions and symptoms such as ADHD, poor athletic and academic performance, post-concussion symptoms and syndrome, Parkinson's, Dyslexia, auditory and visual processing, and much more. The assessment is also a powerful evaluation for success with academic studies, gifted minds, or career placement. Dr. Mary Meeker found that intelligence is not fixed. Intelligence can be developed. In fact the SOI® is a system of tests and activities used for developing

90 kinds of intelligence.

Upon diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, ProNeuro Health uses SOIs modules to overcome symptoms and illnesses as well as build potential abilities to enable success in school or in life.  This program has wide-ranging applications to improve brain processes, reading readiness, academic remediation and acceleration, and career counseling.

The ProNeuro Health Program makes the brain more efficient.

  • We test to identify 27 abilities required to overcome brain deficiencies,  learning reading, math and even any occupational prerequisite.
  • We train the brain's limiting and disabling areas to reignite, heal, and increase the brain's productivity, ability to learn, and overall function.
  • We also medically monitor and document progress.

Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP)

IPP® (Integrated Practice Protocol) is personalized brain function exercise therapy that builds and significantly improves the collaboration of different perceptual functions. Without sensory integration, the method and mode in which injured, ill and even struggling students take in information is garbled, scrambled, or confused. Often the root problem stems deficient or underdeveloped visual or auditory processing functions. Thus, IPP includes personalized vision and auditory components as well.

The IPP® program screens and treats underlying physiological processes that keep the brain from cognitive development. IPP® exercises address medical symptoms and cognitive deficiencies including underlying causes of learning problems such as dyslexia and ADHD.

IPP exercises utilize the body to spark the brain toward healing, rejuvenation, and learning. Exercises will include sensory integration functions such as eye teaming and board to seat activities and focusing skills such as crossing the midline and balance.

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