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Concussion recovery available at ProNeuro Health (Doctor St. Laurent no longer practices with Alternative Health Solutions)


Head-to-head tackle. Car collision. Lacrosse cross check. Regardless of the event, concussions are center stage in the medical profession and sports community. Professionals across the country are discussing diagnosis and safety measures, but this often-misunderstood injury can be remedied. Concussions are often effectively treated through the innovative implementation of chiropractic neurology and cognitive therapy.

Many post-concussion patients experience the following symptoms: inability to concentrate sometimes referred to as “brain fog”, poor cognitive ability, lack of interest in usual activities, changes in sleep patterns, dizziness, balance problems, and headaches. Many patients who have experienced concussions are told to accept these post-concussion symptoms as a part of their post-concussive syndrome diagnosis.

Due to the practical application of functional neurology and clinical nutrition, Dr. Ruben St. Laurent, Board Certified Chiropractor of ProNeuro Health Brain and Wellness Center, formerly known as MindMenders Clinic in Flower Mound treats patients by optimizing the nervous system and brain metabolic processes. “Improving overall brain function translates into a better quality of life for patients suffering from post-concussion symptoms, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), physical pain, or depression,” says Dr. St. Laurent.

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating the symptoms, Dr. St. Laurent emphasizes treating the root cause of the health problem or athletic deficiency. Patients will experience relief after Dr. St. Laurent diagnoses and treats concussions using state-of the-art equipment. His treatments include a combination of neurotransmitters to increase brain function, ocular exercises to coordinate and increase visual transmission with respective muscle movement, vestibular rehabilitation to increase motor control and stability, and more. “We are unique because we use a scientific model conjoined with cognitive therapy to increase higher brain function. Patients who have all but given up hope, experience a significant reduction in symptoms, even if the concussions took place months to years ago,” explains Dr. St. Laurent.

Additionally, head trauma often results in misalignment in the upper cervical area. Fortunately with proper realignment coupled with neurological chiropractic care, many of these patients experience a complete reversal of symptoms. “Due to the mechanism of injury either pre- or post-concussion, patients diagnosed with concussions simultaneously had misaligned spines,” states Dr. Ruben St. Laurent.

Chiropractic Neurology is an alternative, non-invasive treatment option for treating concussions that has shown very impressive results. “Through the use of Chiropractic Neurology, many of my patients have experienced recovery from post-concussion symptoms after conventional treatment options proved unsuccessful,” explains Dr. Ruben St. Laurent. Chiropractic Neurology often offers painless, non-surgical, drug-free relief from post-concussion symptoms, and thus needs to be fully considered.

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