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Concussions cause an imbalance in the brain

 Mechanism of injury goes beyond the actual hit, which is why athletes suffer lingering symptoms for years. But Dr. Ruben St. Laurent is a concussion expert who can significantly decrease short- and long-term symptoms naturally.

A concussion causes the brain to go into crisis releasing an indiscriminate imbalance of neurotransmitters called the neurometabolic cascade. The brain needs energy and stability. Although physical and cognitive rest is needed, the brain's attempt to restore itself is frequently unsuccessful due to a veiled repair of neuron loss.

We move the brain from crisis through a tiered process that corrects the damage faster to save neurons, as opposed to waiting for an increase in neurophysiological damage. Symptoms are difficult to treat due to the brain's delicate balancing act post-injury, which is why we facilitate a properly fueled chain reaction in the brain's biochemistry.

Addressing the brain's biochemistry decreases the cumulative effects of concussions, the destruction of cells known as neurodegeneration. Without the proper balance multiple concussions are likely to cause severe short and long-term effects such as memory decline, dizziness, headaches, vision problems, personality changes, seizures, epilepsy, and other permanent life altering brain disorders such as dementia, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. These symptoms and neurodegeneration increase due to the brain's inability to stabilize itself after the first event resulting in second impact syndrome. That is why we are here. We will address these needs systematically to ensure the brain functions optimally.

We will help restore the brain's delicate balance after a concussion. Stop suffering. Call the concussion expert Dr. Ruben St. Laurent at MindMenders today (972) 479-5179