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At MindMenders Clinic, we help concussion suffers regain their health back. One area of great transformation is found in the improved cognitive and emotional improvements. These symptoms should not be ignored. 

Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia.org    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concussion

Cognitive and Emotional

Cognitive symptoms include confusion, disorientation, and difficulty focusing attention. Loss of consciousness may occur, but is not necessarily correlated with the severity of the concussion if it is brief.[20] Post-traumatic amnesia, in which events following the injury cannot be recalled, is a hallmark of concussion.[25] Confusion, another concussion hallmark, may be present immediately or may develop over several minutes.[25] A person may repeat the same questions,[39] be slow to respond to questions or directions, have a vacant stare, or have slurred[25] or incoherent speech.[40] Other MTBI symptoms include changes in sleeping patterns[15] and difficulty with reasoning,[36] concentrating, and performing everyday activities.[25]

Affective results of concussion include crankiness, loss of interest in favorite activities or items,[41] tearfulness,[5] and displays of emotion that are inappropriate to the situation.[40]Common symptoms in concussed children include restlessness, lethargy, and irritability.[42]


By addressing the root causes beginning with natural brian chemistry, we help pateints regain their lives over these symptoms.