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What happens during a concussion?

Conceptually and according to leading researchers will tell you, the brain has the consistency of Jello. The brain is surrounded by and floats in cerebrospinal fluid, which protects the brain from daily thumps and bumps. A hit to the head and neck region caused by whiplash during a car accident, heading a soccer ball, an illegal football hit, a lacrosse cross check, a sudden fall, shaken baby syndrome, and more can cause the brain to slide back and forth too forcefully. This sudden sliding force, also called acceleration or deceleration, causes the brain to hit the skull by passing the protective fluid. The damage to the brain interrupts the brain chemistry balance causing various problems for physical, mental, and emotional concerns. The brain goes into "crisis" mode trying to protect and balance itself after a concussion, which is why immediately addressing the inner workings of the brain is essential to concussion care.

Preparing and restoring the brain is imperative for decreasing short- and long-term symptoms.

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