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Rest is not the only option. ProNeuroHealth Brain and Wellness Center (FKA MindMenders Clinic) in Flower Mound uses an innovative approach to fuel, restore, and train the brain before and after a concussion to decrease symptoms and second impact syndrome. It is not time to give up sports. It is time to take care of athletes. 

Sports-related concussions are common athletic injuries whether playing football under the Friday night lights, sliding on the ice in hockey, avoiding a lacrosse check, or heading a ball against the state's No.1 female soccer team. Concussions are not necessarily inevitable; however, athletes should try to avoid them at all costs. The first step begins with preparing the brain prior to a concussive injury, similar to the concept of insurance. Being prepared will help athletes report a concussion and begin concussion recovery instead of living in fear of reporting the injury, while detrimentally pushing through, and falsely thinking there is no available concussion care. The idea of not reporting a concussion only perpetuates the underlying problems; therefore, we provide options for concussive injuries. At ProNeuro Health our evidence-based natural concussion care will fully assess, manage, and properly address concussions resulting in fewer symptoms while decreasing summative and long-term neurodegenerative effects.

Concussions are center stage because of the lack of proper management and frequency. These issues as seen in sports, create a problematic journey for the brain resulting in a wide array of post-concussion symptoms. We provide help that goes far beyond simply rest. At ProNeuro Health we normalize the brain in case of a concussive event, and if a concussion occurs, we use a tiered approach to decrease short- and-long term symptoms ranging from headaches, dizziness, memory loss to dementia, depression, Parkinson's, personality changes, and more. Our multifaceted approach to prepare and restore the brain makes us the elite clinic for concussion care.

Our care is an evidence-based, neurological, and scientific researched approach, and by no means negates rest or the diagnosis from a physician regarding concussions. This is elite care to protect the brain and decrease the debilitating effects of a concussion. If you know someone who has experienced a concussion whether it years ago or recently or someone plays a sport or participates in a career which increase the chances of enduring a concussion, such as a military soldier, do not wait to be evaluated in our office. It is never too late or too early to get help.

We can help. Dr. St. Laurent uses the most advanced neurology, chiropractic care, and alternative therapies to get you back to health. Call us today at (972) 479-5179