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What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

PIP is a no fault automobile insurance coverage comparable to health insurance, but it covers the injuries of you and your passengers in various type of automobile accidents. You may be the driver who caused the accident; however, this coverage is no fault without a deductible or co-payment.

In Texas all insurance companies are required to have automobile policies with a minimum of $2500 of accident coverage, unless the insured party elects to pass on the coverage. Most people have this coverage, yet are unfamiliar with how to use it.

Should I be concerned about an increase in my insurance rates if I elect to use my PIP?

Automobile insurance agencies cannot refuse renewal of your insurance coverage for filing one PIP claim in a 12 month period according to the Texas insurance code section 5.7016.

Will the other person's insurance pay for my medical expenses when he or she is at fault?

PIP is your financial and medical security that your medical bills will be covered, regardless of the other party's insurance company. If their company ends up paying, you will regain money spent using your PIP. It is not worth the risk of the other party not paying for your medical expenses and leaving you with a significant bill to pay while you are trying to recover from an accident

Why not just use my health insurance?

You may choose to use your medical health insurance; however, be prepared for out-of-pocket expenses such as a deductible and co-pays to your doctor. Also be aware that sometimes when a person's health insurance realizes the medical care is due to a car accident, they could request to be financially reimbursed.