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Whiplash Injury

A whiplash injury can occur in any accident or extreme sport, but it is usually caused by a rear-end automobile collision. A whiplash injury occurs when a person's head is forced to snap forward and backward. This sudden force from an automobile collision, athletic event, or fall can cause neck pain, stiffness, back pain, TMJ, traumatic brain injury, concussions, broken vertebra and bones, a contorted spine and discs, damage to the brain and nerves, as well as strain ligament, joints, and muscles. Other whiplash symptoms may include headaches, shoulder pain, numbness and tingling in the limbs, dizziness, irritability, or blurred vision due to exasperation of the nerves from a misalignment in the spine and neck.

In a car accident, a person's body and spine are forced to move improperly often compressing joints, nerves, and discs. And ultimately, the force of the accident causes whiplash, damaging a person's head, neck, and spine. The sudden force strains and damages the neck, muscles, ligaments, and discs. This is why it is essential to receive chiropractic treatment from your Flower Mound chiropractor who is skilled in accident related injuries such as whiplash.

The most overlooked part of a whiplash injury comes from the over-straining of the spinal cord and nerves as well as the brain colliding against the skull within the head causing a brain injury. From major traumatic brain injuries and concussions to minor brain injuries, ProNeuro Health Brain and Wellness Center, formerly known as MindMenders BodyBenders Clinic, uses chiropractic neurology to ensure that not only your outer physical body is nursed back to health, but that your brain's function is also restored.

Whiplash Treatment Diagnosis

Whiplash injuries were once dismissed due to a lack of evidence on x-rays causing many people to continue life without proper treatment. However, whiplash injuries are taken much more seriously and having the expert medical care from a neurological and chiropractic perspective is essential to regaining optimal health.