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Are there any published studies demonstrating the efficacy of this treatment?

For the past 40 years neurofeedback has been studied in research labs at prominent Universities throughout the world. There are numerous published medical studies that you can download at the BrainCore website: www. braincoretherapy.com

In fact, Dr Frank H. Duffy, a Professor and Pediatric Neurologist at Harvard Medical School, states:

"Neurofeedback should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used."

Is neurofeedback dangerous?

It is completely painless and noninvasive and is considered by the Food and Drug Administration to be safe. In fact the Food and Drug Administration recognizes that neurofeedback has NEVER produced a serious side effect since it was first discovered over 40 years ago.

 How long does a treatment session last, how many treatment sessions will I      need, and are the changes permanent?

A typical treatment session lasts about 30 min­utes and the typical patient usually requires 20 sessions; however, some cases may require more. The changes are permanent! Once the patient's brain learns how and when to produce a certain brainwave; that ability becomes embedded in a permanent circuit within the brain. The formation of this new circuitry is re­ferred to as neuroplasticity and is the basis for how we learn.

"My child went from grades of C's and D's to A's and B's within 2 months." -Bill C.

"I feel 10 years younger – I  sleep better, I have more energy and I no longer forget things - it's amazing.”  -Shelly O.

To view youtube videos regarding the effectiveness of Braincore Neurofeedback visit: http://braincoretherapy.com/news/