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Neurometabolic Evaluation - Neurometabolic Nutrition

Neurometabolic evaluations and nutrition are essential to identify the specific lack of energy to the brain and body causing loss of focus, slowed moves, poor judgment, and/or the inability to recover from a concussive event.  Our life and athletic loads today are substantial, our brains and bodies deserve knowing and having the right nutrients for optimal performance.

Neurometabolic simplified is chemical reactions in our cells that affect the nervous system which initiate actions throughout the mind and body. Focusing on the neurometabolic energy systems increase brain function and decrease mechanical and mental errors in life and in the games you love, especially as the game progresses or life stress increases.

Neurometabolic Nutrition is the body’s utilization of nutrients (foods, supplementation, etc.) to affect the Nervous System in order to properly fuel and enhance necessary brain chemical reactions for optimal function. Our bodies need the supported ability to consistently optimize brain function with what we eat and specific nutrients we consume.

You may have a functional system with lack of proper nutrition harming the body’s ability to respond to tasks at hand. Our brain tells our hormones when to produce more testosterone, heal or increase muscles, and the like. Without balancing the neurometabolic system, we decrease our individual neuroplasticity, which optimizes neuronal networks in order to help you remember how to do something or supports immune system to recover from a hard work out.

Neurometabolic nutrition is the tailored nutrition for a patient’s optimized health. Do not forget the brain needs the most fuel as it requires the most energy. Feeding the brain the right fuel, the right energy, the right nutrition will substantially affect athletic and life performance.

Often times, patient’s simply need direction toward better eating habits, while others require blood work based supplementation to function. Neurometabolic nutrition is absolutely essential to post-concussion recovery to ignite healing prior to therapy and decrease symptoms and instability of secondary concussions.

If our neurometabolic system doesn't function well, we inhibit our ability to think and control other body systems or lose the ability for other systems to functions. Our brain energy keeps us focused. Hormones and muscles only function well when neurometabolic system functions.

Some examples of dysfunction might include:

  • Our brain doesn't correct as fast or correction don't happen fast enough without the right fuel.
  • Our balance could be greatly disturbed because if you move incorrectly your brain communicates and coordinates  as movement to avoid injury.
  • Consistency is unreliable.

In careers, academia, family, and sports, we need our bodies to respond consistently. Our bodies find a way to keep going, but the brain is the first affected and any dysfunction causes the most damage. For example, a person’s lack of sleep doesn’t affect muscles, it can do a number on the brain though.

Dysfunction can manifest in a variety of ways depending on the persons. Some struggle with even small levels of thought processing, irritability, fatigue, and are most noticable on the job or mechanical/mental errors as the game progresses.

We all underestimate the neurometabolic systems. When this system is off, mistakes are made and other body systems kick into gear such as adrenals which can cause more fatigue and increase recovery time.

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