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Vision Therapy and Sports Vision Therapy

Sports Vision therapy is elite athletic training for the eyes that can overwhelmingly improve an athlete’s game or help any patient optimize their visual capacity. Visual processing of information can be difficult for anyone and effected by any concussive event.

Vision therapy is essential for improve vision and cognitive processing as well as on the field or on ice decision making such as locating and following the puck. Optimized visual skills equates to an optimal performance.

80% of correction of your balance comes from your eyes. If your eyes give inaccurate or slow information to your brain, your muscle systems will fail such as:

  • Depth perception
  • Ability to time trajectory
  • Response time
  • Neck and strain injuries (the neck and body compensate poorly)

Remember 20/20 vision means the distance you can see an object clearly it does not tell an athlete where the object (ball, puck, other players, etc.) are in space, how fast they are traveling or any changes in direction. Visual processing gives that information, which is why all most people and all athletes need sports vision training.

If visual information is inaccurate, it will throw off the body's timing and cause poor performance. Many athletes see a decrease in performance on the field and in the classroom as a result of a concussion because the vision centers are often affected by a concussive event. Vision is often ignored in concussion care which elongates the healing process of improved communication between the eyes, body, and brain. 

All ProNeuro Health vision therapy plans are individualized and based on data. The customized training protocols correct dysfunction, but also dictate the path to sports specific training and optimization of various visual skills.

Imagine a little practice on your own at home or even for five minutes coaches could have all athletes complete their visual exercises, and then watch the improvement unfold. 

Vision therapy and Sports vision activities (workouts) are taught in clinic with check ins and given for practice at home.

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